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Cost per person: $3,000.00

Departure: February 15th, 2014

Duration: 8 days and 5.5 nights

Airport: JFK International, New York, NY

Airline: Delta Airlines
Senegal provides a traveler with a variety of exotic opportunities. From the wide-open savannas in the north, to the deep lush forests of the south, to the beautiful beach resorts scattered along the golden sand beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

Senegal beckons you to visit. An 8 hour direct flight from New York gets you to tropical West Africa. The country’s cultural heritage is a unique blend of Muslim and Francophone influences. Senegal is also home to Goree Island, an island deeply rooted in the history of the Slave Trade. 

Enjoy the cosmopolitan flair of the city of Dakar with its cafes, museums, jazz clubs and fashion boutiques