Heritage Access Group LLC is a Specialty Tour company offering Escorted Group Packaged Tours to less traveled to destinations in Africa and other destinations around the world where there is an indigenous presence of Afro-centric Culture. 

Our goal is to stimulate interest in and increase knowledge of Afro-centric Culture, Art, Music, Dance, Fashion and Cuisine through Group Travel to selected destinations in Africa, South America and the Caribbean. 

The uniqueness of Heritage Access Group LLC's service offering is our focus on Afro-centric culture in all selected destination countries. This is achieved through Escorted Group Packaged Tours developed along the themes of Cultural HeritageEducationEcoTourism and Social Responsibility. Leisure activities are included in all tour packages.

The design of our itineraries places emphasis on Traditional Culture through the discovery of each country's unique artistic, musical, architectural, fashion and culinary heritage. Tour participants  learn about these indegenous cultures by observing and interacting with local citizenry including families, cultural figures, educators, traditional chiefs, business leaders, religious leaders, artist, musicians, politicians and development experts.

Our goal is to simultaneously educate our clients about Afrocentric Culture through interactive travel experiences and promote sustainable development programs in the destinations we offer tours to.

Our focus on Group Travel through Escorted All-inclusive Packaged Tours is based on the cost savings that can be achieved per individual for travel to Destinations which for one reasons or another tend to be me more expensive. Invariably, the high expense for services provided is due to the customized nature of the tour, its specialty focus as well as the need to mitigate the effects of the relative lack of infrastructure in some areas of these destinations to guarantee client comfort.

Our goal is to provide our clients with great value in an all-inclusive tour package price that eliminates unexpected and additional trip expenditures. Your focus during the tour is to have a fun filled and educative travel experience.

In developing our tour packages, we factor in the capacity constraints of tourism venues and sites within specific countries in the determination of an optimal tour group size. Group sizes facilitate informal and intimate social interaction between visitors and hosts and encourages sharing of views about Society and Culture. This dialogue enables all particiapnts to gain rare insight into the vast, varied and vibrant cultures of the African continent and countries within the African Diaspora. 

The interactive nature of our tours generates camaraderie during the tour and spurs the development of transcontinental relationships, reaffrimation of identity and makes the travel experience a rewarding one.  

We look forward to you joining us on one of our imminent tours.
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